The Back Cover

Here's what it says on the back cover of the book:

All of JavaScript's newest features, in depth, made easy to understand

JavaScript is a rapidly changing language and it can be challenging for experienced developers to keep up with all the new toys being added. This book explores the newest features of the world's most popular programming language while also showing readers how to track what's coming next. After setting the stage by covering who manages the process of improving JavaScript, how new features get introduced, terminology, and a high-level overview of new features, it details each new or updated item in depth, with example uses, possible pitfalls, and expert recommendations for updating old habits in light of new features.

JavaScript: The New Toys:

  • Covers all the additions to JavaScript in ES2015-ES2020 plus a preview of what's coming next
  • Explores the latest syntax: nullish coalescing, optional chaining, let and const, class syntax, private methods, private fields,, numeric separators, BigInt, destructuring, default parameters, arrow functions, async functions, await, generator functions, ... (rest and spread), template literals, binary and octal literals, ** (exponentiation), computed property/method names, for-of, for-await-of, shorthand properties, and more
  • Details the new features and patterns: modules, promises, iteration, generators, Symbol, Proxy, reflection, typed arrays, Atomics, shared memory, WeakMap, and WeakSet to name just a few
  • Highlights common pitfalls and explains how to avoid them
  • Shows how to follow — and participate in — the improvements process
  • Explains how to use new features even before they're widely supported

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About the author

T.J. Crowder is a software engineer with ~30 years of experience, including over 15 years of professional work in JavaScript. He runs Farsight Software, a software contracting and product company. He's often found helping people on Stack Overflow, where he's a top 10 all-time contributor and the top JavaScript contributor. When not working or writing,, sorry, he's always working or writing — or spending time with his wonderful, supportive wife and fantastic son.